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Welcome To Our Website

Centre for Linguistic Computing Keralam is a joint venture of Computational Linguistic Team @ C-DIT, Kerala State IT Mission and Dept: of Linguistics University of Kerala for research, development, production and dissemination of Malayalam Language Technology

Mission Malayalam Developmental Programme

Mission Malayalam is CLiC’s five years of developmental programme for the subsequent delivery of five Malayalam software products in five phases. Each phase is based on the Developmental Policy of Language Technology, which are standardization, continuity, public-private participation, open source, copy left, free distribution, simple interface, decentralization etc.

The release of Nila Official Malayalam Software in 2004 marked the beginning of Mission Malayalam. The product in the second phase, Kaveri Free Malayalam Software  has been launched as part of the celebrations of 50th anniversary of the   formation of Kerala. Periyar Multi-lingual Software will be launched in 2010. Pampa and Kabani are the next products.



Nila Official Malayalam Software (Launched in 2004)

Nila have the following facilities:

Unicode Malayalam Fonts,Inscript and phonetic Keyboard drivers, Official Malayalam Dictionary, Malayalam e-mail, Official communication Template, Conversion from ASCII to Unicode, Malayalam Sorting.


Kaveri Malayalam Free Software (Launched in 2006)

It is a customized, localized and modified version of Open Kaveri have the following facilities:

 Integrated Malayalam Spell Checker, English-Malayalam Translation Assistant, Multilingual Keyboard, English-Malayalam Administrative Glossary, Office Content Management, Indic Language Transliteration



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