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Transliteration Survey


aebmfn ]eXcw {Smkvent{Sj coXnI \nehnepXn\m, \nch[n {]iv\ CXpaqeapmIpp. P\Iobambpw imkv{Xobambpw D Hcp coXnbneqsS aebmfw {Smnt{Sj am\IoIcnpXns `mKambn \Sp Cu kthbn Zbhmbn klIcnpI. CXnt\msSmw sImSpncnp tNmZymhen ]pcnnv AtXmsSmw sImSpncnp aebmf ]ZfpsS {Smkent{Sj (awojv) ]Z Cwojv Iot_mUp]tbmKnv ssSv sNpI.

As different transliteration systems are followed in Malayalam, several problems arise.  A survey is conducted to standardize the Malayalam Transliteration system making it more scientific and user-friendly.  As part of this, a questionnaire is prepared and a list of Malayalam words given. Please fill in the questionnaire and type the Malayalam transliteration (Manglish) words of the given Malayalam words using the English keyboard.

A few samples are given below

X_e thabala
AIw akam
Iew kalam
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Cv hnLv\w
Ejn R
Fv Qmkn
am sshVqcyw
shmacw BZmbw
anTmbn B[mcw
Cen Ien
cYw `mh\
B\ amw
]cw Xv
Cugw Im
Dum B

aecWn ImSpI Xnn hnn
acXI Imnbn apn apn
Icfpw angnbpw Ihp annIdbsmcmek {Kma`wKn


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