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Bus Fast Food
Computer Calculator
Mobile Phone Tooth Paste
Post-paid Cheque
Mouse Super Fast
Software Shampoo
Paper Weight Course
Letter-pad Reception
Chat Coffee House
Missed Call Rain coat
Ring Tone Cooker
Pocket money Template
Sixer Bank balance
Family-pack Head phone
Pay-and-use Television
Website Paper plate
On-line buying Seminar
Captain File
Pop music Traffic Island
Talk-show Belt
Pen-down strike CD Rom
Speed post Charger
Brochure Stapler
Ball-point pen Printer
Carry-bag e-mail ID
Ready-made Bus stop
Beautician Platform
Auto rickshaw Driver
Air Mail Over Bridge
Football Table Fan
Ventilation Lodge
Trolling Memo
Suspension Air condition
Air cooler Tap recorder
Helicopter Passport
Visa Shelf
Cash counter Air show
Taxi car Good bye


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